Dare have their own plinth this is ideal for us to perform on as we are used to it and it is slightly padded. This plinth is 2m x 1.5m and 1m high. It does however need a reasonably level and firm surface to stand on. Because we do full on acrobatic balances we need a minimum overall height (floor to ceiling) of 4.5m although with prior notice we can adapt our statue routine to suit a lower venue.

Where a raised performance area is already available at the venue, and the client would rather place us on it we ask for a minimum surface area of 2m x 2m with a top of surface to ceiling height of 3.5m. Please remember that we will need to be able to get on and off this area with the minimum of fuss.

Dare also require a clean secure dressing room in which to change and leave our valuables. A toilet is not sufficient and we will refuse to change in one if that is the option given to us. Because we use a lot of makeup we need a sink with warm water where we can wash after the event. If we are doing a hair paint and not a wig gig then we will certainly require a shower. Please make sure the changing area is reasonably close to the performance area.

On events where we are expected to be in attendance for more than four hours we will need to be fed a main meal, either lunch or dinner. This should be available after the performance and not before.